3 Reasons That State Why Your House is still on the Market


If you constantly wonder, let’s back up a little bit. Did you have a heart to heart conversation with your real estate agent about the asking price of your property? Did you check the recent sales and the comparable listings in your community? Were you appalled at the figure your agent determined and wanted it higher? An unreasonable asking price is an inevitable reason your home is still on the market. Read more here and below about the reasons why.

  1. It lacks the curb appeal

Most of the real estate agents will advise you that if you do not gain prospective buyers from your front porch, you will not attract them in your front door. If the buyers don’t attract to the look of the house from the Internet, or just driving by, they will not be interested. So, better mulch the beds, repaint the front door and clean the windows nicely. Also have a look at your siding, ensure that all the gutters are cleaned and attached. And do not forget to maintain the lawn. Always perform the front door check and look in the perspective of a prospective buyer. Check up and down, left and right and keenly notice the cobwebs, paint chips or the door scuffs if any, that needs any attention.

  1. You refuse to upgrade your house

No seller wishes to replicate the appliances, countertops or the flooring. This is the biggest mistake you can make. If there are houses similar in the area for sale that has nicer upgrades, like granite, stainless steel and new windows, and if yours doesn’t, the buyers will notice that too. This is especially noticeable if you have made an upgrade in ten years or so. There was a case when a house that has the stuff from the 80s. The entryway mirrors ran 20 feet from floor to ceiling and ran up the staircase to the next floor. Buyers didn’t even bother to enter. The house was sold two years later, until the agent had to spend $4000 to remove the mirrors and make essential upgrades.

  1. There is too much clutter

The real estate agents all over the world believe that the biggest part of selling your home is the staging. Begin by getting rid of personal stuff like taste specific paintings, family pictures, notes stuck on the fridge. The buyers are here to look at the potential not your personal achievements. Then, focus on the large items that make the room seem small and messy like oversized sofas and heavy exercise equipment. Then clear your cabinets and closets for making it seem spacious. Don’t forget the garage as well. Get rid of all the extra furniture and collection of stuff. Ensure that your room has some flow. Additionally, rent a storage unit to keep your excess stuff for a temporary basis, it is deemed as a wise investment if your house sells quicker than you can ever imagine.