Sunday 9 August 2020
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A Custom Home for Your Family

A Custom Home for Your Family

When you are ready to purchase a new home, there are several options to choose from. You can buy a new home, a pre-owned home, or have one built. It is not uncommon to spend several months looking for the right home. You may have specific ideas about the number of rooms, kitchen space, or the size. You may find that a lot of homes have a great feature, but seem to be lacking something. Ordering a custom-built home can solve these issues. You can work with a builder to design every aspect of your new home.


Most homes come standard with three or four bedrooms. If you have a large family, you may need more so that kids do not have to share rooms. You may also have plenty of bedrooms for the kids, but wish to have a guest room. You can also dictate the size of the bedrooms. If you do plan to have kids sharing a room, you may like to have larger bedrooms than what normally come in homes. Young, growing families may enjoy a master bedroom with an attached nursery. New builds in Auckland can help you get started.


Bathrooms seem to always be an issue with big families. When kids become teenagers, they often fight over getting ready in the morning. It can help to custom design your home with enough bathrooms to keep the peace. Siblings may enjoy a Jack and Jill bathroom style. This type of bathroom attaches two bedrooms. There are two dressing areas with sinks on either end, so siblings can enjoy a private space to do their makeup or brush their teeth in the morning. Doors from these dressing rooms lead into the toilet and bath area.

Special Features

The fun part about building your own home is that you can add some special features that may only be found rarely in homes. You can also help design a unique floorplan that better fits the way your family lives. You can have built in shelves for a library or extra-large closets. Double-sided fireplaces add ambiance and heat to two opposite rooms. A sunroom is something that many people add on after they buy their home. A custom home can include a beautiful sunroom from the start. You can make room in the kitchen for large appliances, as well. Many people must have their kitchen torn up to make room for the trending double ovens.

Your new home is somewhere that you plan to spend a lot of time. For many, it is where you start your family and where they visit after they grow up. When you have a custom home, it fits your family just right. The rooms can be where you want them, too, and adjusted to the size that you prefer. You can also make sure you never have to worry about fights over the bathroom. You can also add on some luxury features that make the home special. Start building your forever home today.