Monday 13 July 2020
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Choosing and arranging throw pillows on your sofa – A guide for a homeowner

Choosing and arranging throw pillows on your sofa – A guide for a homeowner

Are you a new homeowner who is still searching for the best ways to illuminate your living room? Or are you an old homeowner who is desperately trying to breath in new life to your old sitting room and living rooms? Once you ask the interior designers, they’ll tell you how simple and effortless it is to give a new look to any of your rooms by just changing your throw pillows. This is absolutely true and the homeowners also agree to it.

When you change your throw pillows and install a new set of bamboo pillow cases to your throw pillows or you change the fabrics and add a splash of new colors, this can give your room a totally new feel and look. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll need to go through thousands of such pillows in order to choose 4 or 5 of the best ones. Here is a list that you can keep in mind.

For creating a modern and contemporary look

Pillow placement and the number of pillows that you arrange play a vital role in giving you a modern look. Opt for odd numbers like 3 or 5 or 7 (in case of a multi-seater sofa) instead of the traditional pairs. Designers will always advise you on the fact that a few pillows always give you a cleaner look than too many smaller ones. If you go for squares, they should be 18-24 inches across and should be big enough to show the solid pattern or the color. Geometric prints are in and you can also choose linen pillow covers.

For creating a traditional and antique look

If you are old-school or you have a house that totally goes with the antique and traditional look, you should arrange 2 or 4 big pillows on either part of the sofa so that it always gives a symmetrical order and look to your room. In case you’re wondering about the right size, it depends on how large your sofa is but if you want to play safe with proportions that are pleasing to the eye, opt for pillows which are 20-22 inches across. Silk and velvet can add to the traditional look.

For creating a diverse look

If you choose even number of throw pillows for your sofa, this will go against creating the eclectic look of the room. On the contrary, choosing odd numbers like 3 or 5 will give it a nice asymmetrical look which won’t make it cluttering for the sofa. Interior designers always advise the homeowners to place the cushions in such a manner that they look like they’ve just happened to be there. For creating a casual look, choose 2 pillows in one corner with a single one right at the opposite. Be open while choosing fabrics but don’t be random.

So, whenever you’re trying to redecorate your room by choosing the best throw pillows, keep in mind the above listed points for creating the most desirable look.