Monday 13 July 2020
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Is a Steam Shower Right for You?

Is a Steam Shower Right for You?

Steam showers are a popular fixture in modern bathrooms. They provide an at-home spa experience, adding value to a residential property. Some say that it also has health benefits that make it a worthy investment compared to having a spacious, high-maintenance steam room installed. Know the basics of turning an ordinary shower stall into a vaporous fixture and find out if it is right for you.

How it works

It is merely a shower enclosure with a sealed stall and steam generator. The steam generator heats water to boiling point. The steam emerges through the steam head, filling the entire booth. Most steam showers today have digital controls, making them easy to use. Choose the duration the shower will run and the preferred temperature. Modern models come with sound systems, scents, mood lighting and conventional shower heads.

How much water does it consume?

Compared to conventional showers or baths, steam showers are efficient. A 30-minute steam shower uses on average about two gallons of water.

How much does it cost to install and run it?

Cost considerations include the price of the product, the installation and if necessary, shower construction. Costs depend greatly on the space and other requirements. Ready to install enclosures include everything you need, which can be lower in price. For custom steam showers, you will need a budget for the shower construction and generator. Labour costs are about 6 to 7 hours of plumbing and electrical work.

Running a steam shower is not that expensive. Prices depend on how often you intend to use it and for how long. If you want a full spa experience, set a budget for add-ons such as mood lighting, pump for oils or an MP3 dock.

What are the health benefits?

Steam has been widely used for years for numerous benefits that commonly include improved circulation, stress and allergy relief, and better skin. Steam bathing can be a part of therapy to help repair muscles or prevent injury. Some use it to cool down after a workout. However, it is best to consult your doctor for an official recommendation.

What to look for in a steam shower?

Good models offer faster delivery speed, which means they take less than a minute to generate steam. It is also a great idea to have remote controls for convenience if you want to adjust the time and temperature. You can also opt for auto-flush features that prevent the build-up of calcium deposits. The experience will not be complete without shower seating. Most seats are built-in, but you do have plenty of other options.

Steam showers provide the comfort of showers and the luxury of a spa in one. Considering the work and costs involved, it is still worth investing in a quality steam shower. Aside from allowing you to pamper yourself without leaving your home, it can also add value to your property. Doing it right ensures getting maximum benefits now and when it is time to sell your home. Be sure to work with the right dealers and professionals who know best what you will need.

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