Monday 25 May 2020
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Portable Solar Lights

Portable Solar Lights

Today, people all around the globe rely on power to produce light, mostly during the night as it helps us see clearly. However, this is not always the case as sometimes there might be power outage, or some areas might not have proper access to a power source. Therefore, it is essential and only wise to have to have a backup power source to produce light. A good example is portable solar lights, meaning that they can be carried from one place to another, they can also be used indoors or outdoors. Portable solar lights are efficient during camping, farm patrol and come much in handy in case there is a power outage.

There is an overwhelming number of portable solar lights in the market. Therefore, ensure that you do proper research to ensure that you purchase a quality product. Here are some factors to consider when using or buying a portable solar light.

  1. Runtime and charge time

First, and most importantly, consider how long the solar light will emit light and how much time it will take to charge to full capacity before it can be used. Make sure that you look at the standard runtime of the solar light that you are considering to buy as there are solar lights that can last the whole night, while there are those that cannot even last hours. Therefore it is necessary and advisable to choose solar lights that can last for a longer time when emitting light.

  1. Weatherproof

Another factor to consider is if the portable solar light is weatherproof. As earlier said these light could be used both indoors and outdoors. Solar lights used for outdoor purposes ought to be weatherproof. They should be resistant to water, wind, extreme heat and dust to ensure that they are durable, thus giving you value for your money.

  • Installation and area of use

Having portable solar lights means that you can move them from one place to another. Different solar lights have various functions, and there are those that are used in different areas. For instance, there are those that are just placed while there are those, such as pathway lights that require installation. Consider if the installation process is simple or complicated.

  1. The scope of light and brightness

It is crucial that you know the extent or rather the intensity of the light emitted. Also, it is essential to know the distance that the solar light will cover. If you need large distances covered, purchase a product with a large scope of light.

The benefit associated with using portable solar light are very many, here are some.

Benefits of portable solar lights

  • Solar lights are very cheap and cost-effective. This is because unlike electric power, solar power comes from the sun and is free of charge. The only time you incur cost is when purchasing the solar lights.
  • They are portable hence they can be moved and used in different places. Portable solar lights are very light and easy to carry around.
  • They are environmentally friendly as they do not have any emissions that might pollute the environment.
  • Solar lights continue to function even in case of a power outage. They are the perfect backup.